Eternal Essence

3D Lashes

Transform your eyelashes with the ease and strength of 3D–Lashes. Whether you are going to the beach, getting married or just headed out for a night on the town, 3D–Lashes eyelash extensions enhance your natural beauty without changing who you are.

3D–Lashes look gorgeous, are incredibly long lasting and weightless on your eyes. 3D–Lashes are resistant to water, showering, sweat, exercise, tears, swimming and even sleeping. 3D–Lashes stay on for up to two months or longer so you have beautiful lashes any place, any time; 3D–Lashes enhance your natural beauty and amazingly increase your inner confidence!

3D-Lashes for that special day!


Full Set (1 hour):
(a deposit is required when booking this treatment) £50.00
Top Up (20 minutes): £20.00
Top Up (30 minutes): £25.00
Audrey Hepburn Sweep (wings at the side): £15.00
Half Set: £35.00
Express Lashes: (2 weeks lashes including removal) £30.00